2016 – The year the world went mad!

Seriously, so much has happened in the blink of an eye, as it seems only a few weeks ago that we turned a corner into 2016 expecting the world to keep moving forward! However, it seems that somewhere along the road the world threw a huge U-turn and lost its mind.

The UK voted to leave the EU, the USA elected TRUMP as president, and they seem to care more about what people have got between their legs whilst using the bathroom than white police shooting unarmed black people.

Famous people we idolised as children have died, the greats passing so quickly without much warning, throwing the world into a depressive spiral. People bombing the shit out of Aleppo and killing everyone in site, while we watch it from the comfort of our own countries doing nothing. Mass shootings targeting LGBT people, which broke my heart. People being persecuted for who they love, like it is a choice! Surely nobody would choose to live a life of abuse and persecution.

Looking back at this, it makes my life seem like a walk in the park.

Our year in summary.

So we rolled into January as a house full of illness!

We spent new years wrapped up in blankets, watching movies and eating take away.

I spent a couple of days in hospital having tests and getting no answers! Still don’t know what’s
up with me!


I decided to start selling Usborne books from home, not only was this a good move financially, but I’ve met a lot more people through doing it! It was a bit of a pivotal month for Finn, we decided to push the referral for his special needs after an episode of taking him around shops and having to deal with him licking everything in sight. He did however eat green food for the first time (before this day, he wouldn’t even touch food if
it was green!).


Me, Dylan, Jordan and my friend Emily visited Upton
Park for the last time, it was a special day as we cheered on West Ham ladies,
and my friend Danni Rison. They beat spurs at our church and I will never
forget that evening!

We also attended Danni’s surprise 21st birthday party, which was really nice!


Saw the departure of our Vauxhall Zafira, after 3 years I finally gave in and got a new car. First time in my life I have ever had a BRAND NEW off the forecourt car. Ford did me a fantastic deal on it. The
world went mad over apples having wax on them; I thought this was common knowledge/common sense.

We also found out that Finn got his first school choice. Took a trip to the wildwood trust to see their bears and spent some nice family time together.


Dylan turned 8 in May, and Trish turned ** (I wont tell you how old she was!).  On the 3rd
we received the Formal ASD diagnosis for Finn. The same month Leicester City won the premier league as the underdogs and Arsenal Ladies won the FA cup at Wembley Stadium.  Also in may I have 8 teeth removed in one dental sitting and the dentist accidentally stabbed me in the pallet with his pliers. I bumped into Chelsea ladies Karen Carney in a car park and got a cheeky photo. And we took a trip to our favourite holiday destination – Camber Sands.  Here we visited the Blue Reef aquarium and saw some fish laying some fertile pods.  Maisy had to have a few days off of school
because an anonymous group were calling in bomb threats to schools and her school was one of the first to receive them.
The USA introduced the issue of birth gender specific toilet use, which is absolutely appalling!


June was crazy, and I think possible when the hand break was being applied.

.People died while having a good time in Orlando, and the media shared very little information about this.  A Right Wing Nutter killed MP Jo Cox and her poor babies were left without their mum (this close to Christmas I really feel for them, it must be hard for them without their mum). Then we, the great British public voted to LEAVE the EU based on a lie sold to us by the Leave campaign, Despite this the vote still stands. Just to top this off, in the same week England was knocked out of the Euros, only we could leave the EU twice in one week! How can we loose at a game we invented!  Finn got a concussion at nursery! And I ended up laid up with a lovely case of Torticollis!  Trish’s mum was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and booked in for further tests.


Jordan and I took a trip to Thorpe Park in July, as a well done from me to him for completing his exams. Pokémon Go was released in the US and some of us tech savvy people managed to download it early. We had a nest of seagulls on the roof which fell off so made friends with the baby ones that took up residence in the garden!
Trish and I also celebrated out 10 year anniversary. The Isle of Mann passed same sex marriage. We attended the wedding of 2 of our close friends Nic and Dani. And right at the end of this me and Emma, my best friend, took a trip into the days before we had partners and were barely old enough to drink and took on organising an event at the Margate lido! Finn also went to school for some integration days which was cool. He enjoyed it! Also i turned 29 and Maisy turned 12.

Dylan broke her arm 2 days before school finished for the summer and I also wrote my guide to surviving the summer holidays


August literally went off with a bang, as I bought some burgers from Birdseye and whilst cooking them on the BBQ they actually exploded! Burning my face and neck. We had a BBQ on the beach with our friends and their children, where we had the whole beach to ourselves, which was great!
We went to LEGOLAND and the kids absolutely loved it! I wrote a blog post about it that you could read here.

We celebrated our FIRST WEDDING ANNIVERSARY on the 28th by attending the Wedding of my school friends Louise (boggy) Bryant to her boyfriend Mark.

At the end of August we were a player short for a pre season friendly football match against Margate, so I went in goal. This was a huge mistake. I cut my leg playing football and it got infected, it is still to this day swollen!  Jordan got his Exam results, which were not as good as he had expected (I blogged about it here).


I took on a new role within football as first team Ladies Manager in September after moving to a new club called Faversham Strike Force.  Finley started school and Dylan moved up into year 4. Maisy went into year 8 and Jordan moved into 6th form. The UK got a new type of £5 note, which is meant to be wash proof and tamper proof. Jordan turned 17. Emma and I attended Wheels and Finns festival.

Finally in September I was referred by my GP for additional help with my weight, with the possible end goal of bariatric surgery.  Trish’s mum had her second surgery to remove the cancer from her breast and we were left waiting for results.  We went to LEGOLAND again on an overnight jaunt with the two younger children.



I won a competition with the FA in September for 2 tickets to Wembley Stadium to watch England Men’s football in October, so I went with my dad. We met up with my uncle lee and my cousin Louise’s boyfriend Matt. It was nice to see them as we only really see dads’ family at weddings and funerals!

At the end of the month we went back to camber for a week with our friends and their 2 children Mum came with us for a few days, which was nice. It was good for her to get away from the house, as she doesn’t get out much.


November went in the blink of an eye. 2 weeks in Trish had major surgery, a hysterectomy, and we are having to deal with the prospect of not being able to have any more children unless I can get rid of my PCOS which isn’t likely! We started Christmas shopping and our tree went up on the 15th!  Trish’s mum still hadn’t had the cancer removed and they went in for a 3rd surgery to remove 2 more small
lumps. We wont know what’s next until after the New Year.

And here we are in December.

Last week I picked my cousin and his family up from Heathrow, they live in Australia and are here for Christmas, I miss them so much when there not here. We will be at my mums Christmas Day. And Maisy will go to her Dads on Boxing Day. Jordan’s dad will probably feign interest in him over this period too. We will probably be at my mums or Auntie Jan’s for Boxing Day with the extended family.  New years we get Maisy back, and I think we will take the kids to see the fireworks at the harbour. Trish is on the mend and hopefully will be ok to go out by then!

Finally, our year pales in comparison to those who have been involved in these major incidents. And i don’t feel that my summary does it justice.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a great new year.
My Resolution?  Turn my Journaling into a real blog!

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