My Goals for 2017

Someone once told me that goals should be realistic and achievable. Personally I think that is selling yourself short before you’ve even started. Although goals should be achievable, I feel that they should also be a challenge, otherwise they would be too easily achieved and nothing would ever move forward. You should be able to break a goal down into steps which will help you achieve them.

For me, I feel like 2017 is my year. Our year as a family to move forwards. To live a better, happier life.

2016 was good to us. We had some adventures, and bonded as a family. Something that we had struggled with. Its hard to bond with your family as a whole when individuals have such complex needs. You sometimes forget to be a parent to the rest of the children when you spend so much time caring for the one that is hard work! I do feel sorry for my other children, who miss out on the simple things because their little brother take up so much of our time and energy.

Alas, I digress.

I hope that my goals for 2017 are helpful to others who are just starting out “real blogging” like me.

I feel a bit like I’ve hit the ground running. Its not even made a footprint the new year yet and things I had planned to do in mid January I have already completed. So, Onwards and upwards!

  1. Complete the transition to self hosted.

I chose to move away from a third party blog site because I wanted the “professional” look. I have a little bit of wordpress knowledge and that has helped me get up a running so quickly. That said, im no internet whiz kid so I have encountered a few issues already!

I found out through a bit of google searching that I can import all of my tumblr posts over to wordpress in a quick and simple move, which was great, so all 100+ of my old tumblr posts are now sat on my nice new shiny self hosted site waiting for me to complete the SEO on them (FUN). All i have to do is weed them out, delete irrelevant ones and optimise the rest!

  1. Approach companies I would like to work with. Don’t be shy! 

The reason for this is that the worst thing that can happen is that they will say no, or file me for future campaigns. I cant expect these people to approach me unless my blog is charting, which right now it isn’t! And nobody will know who i am unless i put myself out there, so thats what I’m doing, getting out there for everyone to see!

I am also doing this because it will generate a bit more traffic through my page. * Sidebar* I will be putting together a PRESS PACK and adding a download section to my site this week, but I’m not too sure how to position it. Wether i add it to a “Secret” page, which you can only get to by contacting me regarding sponsored posts, or whether i should put it out there for everyone to see. My other option is banging together a PDF with my reach and figures and emailing it out.

  1. Organise myself a bit better

This will allow me to plan my posts better, and get more content onto my site which will then in turn draw more traffic. Generally i only get online between 10pm-3am, depending on how long it take me to make a post or changes which I am catching up on.

Maybe use a visual calendar to plan my posting. Carrying a notebook around will also be handy, i have been writing notes on my phone, but i often forget I’ve written them at all, then the time passes and they become irrelevant.

Most importantly planning my time between writing and living, means that i will get more time with the family.

  1. Write more! Write about everything.

Now that we’ve lost the children to school, I’ve found more time for myself to sort out my life! But there are so many things I want to write about! Need a nice new book to brain storm in. I’ve planned a trip to the Netherlands this year in July. My friends and I are going to see England smash the Women’s Euro’s. I feel a Vlog coming on from that, obviously if we aren’t all too drunk!

  1. Spend more time with my family

As i said earlier, we struggle to bond and do stuff as a family. With the children varying in ages, and their needs differing so greatly its difficult to find an activity that is good for everyone. We have already got a holiday booked at Camber Sands for a week in the summer holidays. We also have tickets for the London Aquarium. So thats 2 things on the up!

The kids have made a list of things they want to do. “Go on holiday”, “visit a zoo”, and “spend time with my family.” Feature highly on Dylan’s list. She’s such a home bird. So proud of her, she’s a lot older than her physical being. She’s 8 going on 18!

  1. Have more “us” Time

My poor wife often gets sidelined. We are like ships passing in the night. We get up and tag team getting the kids ready in the mornings, hardly saying a word to each other. Then when i get back from taking the kids in, we are separately getting on with housework. Now the reason we do these things independently is that if we didn’t Trish would just follow me round the house telling me i was doing something wrong!

It would be nice to just to have one or two nights a month that we could go out and not be harassed about what time we would be home! I would like to take her away for a weekend. We never did get our honeymoon.

  1. Plan for the future – Achievable Goals

There are a few things we would like to do. Not immediately, we know that isn’t realistic. But things that will be achievable within a year or two. I would really like to buy a house. That means a change in job, going back to working for someone else is going to be a challenge. Buying a house would mean a lot to me. I always feel on edge when we are in rented houses. We’ve had such poo luck with houses the last few years.

This year is also going to be the year i formally adopt my babies. Its a bit of a grey area (see post about conceiving in a same sex relationship). Although we’ve been together 10 years. I have no legal rights over the kids. I just think it’ll be better for them if we had equal rights.

The wife has decided that she wants to go to Australia. Not right away but in a couple of years. This will take a lot of saving for us, especially if all 6 of us go!

  1. Rank on google

I would really like to come up on keyword search on google without having to type in my blog name. Im aiming to get all of my posts SEO optimised which will make the site completely visible and good.

There are many benefits for this but the biggest one is traffic. It should generate organic traffic. the more visible my site is the better my opportunities will be.

For me these are all really achievable. I will be looking at these in 6 months and seeing how far i have gotten to achieving them!

I hope you are able to set challenging but achievable goals. It is important.without goals you are freewheeling and it never ends well!

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