Unfortunately we’ve had a rollercoaster 6 weeks. Apologies for the Leave of Absence!

Finn has improved slightly at school, but getting him help for him has not been straightforward. The lack of communication from the school has been shocking. It took me threatening the SenCo to call a meeting with her boss and the board of governors to even get to speak to the woman. I do feel now that the school are finally taking him seriously, which is good. This did however cause a lot of stress and frustration for us. If he was our first child with autism or special needs in general.

Jordan has also improved at school. He sat his resits with little intervention and it is now just a waiting game. I was providing him 1-2-1 in school as the school couldn’t provide it, I’m now withdrawing.

The girls are doing good. As always.

And the run up to christmas has begun!

The wife has been in for her hysterectomy, which i think i will write a separate post about. I’ve written about not having any more children before, we made the decision a while ago (read about it here). But now the option has been taken away it has been devastating!

So yeah, the last 6 weeks have been crazy!

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