Absent fathers!

So kid 1 has had no contact with his dad since he was 10 due to dad’s wife not liking him.

He was also going through some pretty stressful tests for autism so we, at his wishes, stopped overnight contact. His dad knew where we lived, knew our numbers and everything else but didn’t bother. No birthday or Christmas cards ect.
So dad has recently split with the wife, and all of a sudden wants contact again. Kid 1 isn’t fussed, he is 15 now and wants to use him for money and stuff. He doesn’t really know him, there is a big difference between a 10 year old who you couldn’t really be bothered with and a 15yo who can’t really be fucked with you!

Over the years his dad has done some pretty shitty things to him, like bringing him home from holiday early because at the age of 6 he had upset his wife.
Most recently we got them a pair of tickets to go to Thorpe park and because he couldn’t take him, he gave the tickets away. I could’ve taken him!

I just wonder if there is any point encouraging him to have this relationship as he picks him up and drops him so frequently that it is bad for his health.

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