Autism number 2

So kid 4 Finn has been diagnosed with Autism, sensory processing disorder and hyper mobility.

I can’t say that it was a shock for us. His behaviour has been challenging since birth. From shaking his head when the light was bright to scream for a bottle with no buildup, having him hasn’t been easy.
He is 4 now, and although he has come on with most stuff to his age, his social and communication is delayed.

Now, if you read our blog you will know that Kid 1 Jordan also has autism, and Finn is a tiny version of him. Not all of the behaviours are the same, Finn is fine with somethings Jordan struggled with, and his outbursts are more extreme.

We don’t want sympathy, because as far as we are concerned we wouldn’t change them for the world.

This just means that it’ll be more difficult to get them ready to function as adults. At least we have a head start with Finn.

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