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I wrote this a few weeks ago but as we’ve had a lot going on so haven’t had a chance to post it.

Its a round up of finns first week at school!

Weekly Catchup:

So this week was rather eventful.

Finn started school on Tuesday, the first day went really well without incident.

Initially we were concerned as the ratio of teaching staff to children is a lot less than it was at nursery.  We had met with the school a few times, with all of his professionals to agree a care plan for him. We were confident in the agreements and support plans that we entered him into the deep end without a second thought.


The morning came

Finn was so excited to go. He was up and getting dressed when I walked down. I helped him put on his shirt and tie. He wanted to wear his sweatshirt despite the 30-degree temperature. No meltdowns, no incident, he went straight in the car. Walked down the road and held his sisters hand so well. It was almost like he had woken up and all of a sudden, every autistic trait had disappeared. We had prepared him for this so well he knew exactly what to do and where to go!

I barely wobbled and didn’t cry when he went in. I thought I might be a blubbering mess considering he is our baby.

We felt a bit lost afterwards and decided to keep ourselves busy by starting our Christmas shopping, in September!

He was so elated to see us when we picked him up, I hugged him so tight he wriggled to get down and told me I was silly.

The excitement to tell us all about his first day at big school had him almost bursting with pride. His teacher had told us how well behaved he was and also how he had made a friend. 1 More friend than he had when he walked into a classroom full of children he had never met.


He had earned 2 stickers, 1 for respect and 1 for confidence.
He was so proud of these.

We got home and there were no meltdowns, no crying because something was too much for him or didn’t go the way his calculated brain had told him it would. He ate all of his dinner, he put his pyjamas and off he went to sleep ready for the next day of adventure.

So proud of him, an exhausted from holding it all together all day we followed shortly.

Maybe I expected too much because as first days go his was pretty spectacular.

Day 2

It started in the same way. He got dressed and we had a little wobble about our shoes being too tight. Resolved immediately we headed out of the door. He took me in to show me his nice new shiny red locker, where we put his new pe kit. Then he ran in without saying bye, so eager to learn and impress. All day I worried about incident, made sure my phone had signal and charge just in case they needed me to go clam him down. They didn’t.

We headed to the school to pick him up and they had sent Dylan to his class for ease of collection. Upon arrival we had been informed that he had hurt another child. The teacher said that he had pinched another childs face because they had gotten into his space. I wonder how much they didn’t tell me, knowing full well that he wont just have 1 meltdown in 6 hours. I worry how they are dealing with him, or whether he understands why he is being told off or punished.

Day 3

I got the phone call which we had been expecting since day 1. Finn had hurt another child during an outburst. The called to tell us that he would be getting a detention the following Monday. Obviously for him that wouldn’t work so I sent the teacher away to speak to the SENCO about doing some alternative form of punishment.

Lets hope that it gets better for him!

I can report that it had slightly improved. He is behaving, and learning and the incidents are becoming less and less now the staff have worked out how to look after him.

He seems to be really settled but some days doesn’t want to go, yesterday for example, he told me that his brain was too tired for any more school.

So cute! Im glad he is finding his feet there.

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