Being “Dad”

So over the years the role of being the man around the house has kinda fallen to me, I am in charge of all of the manual labour as well as other stuff like the shed and garden. I do the “dad” stuff. Stuff my own Dad taught me when I was a child.

I don’t mind it, I mean, I quite enjoy the little jobs like hanging wallpaper or painting walls, but sometimes I feel out of my depth.

Also being the only one on the house that drives, I always have to stop what I’m doing if someone wants to go somewhere. Which then means I have to pick back up when I return.

Does anyone else struggle to find the time to put the finishing touches to their projects? Or struggle with inspiration?

Recently I decorated the toilet, classed the walls with wood, and papered but I’m not sure how to finish it. (Suggestions on a post card)

I really do struggle to find the time to complete a project. The children are all so needy with their individual needs. I just wonder how other people have these immaculate houses and keep them up to such a high standard!

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