Discrimination in public…

So this may be a touchy subject for a few of you wether you have experienced hate in public or behind closed doors this may touch a nerve. (just a warning) 

Back in April, which still feels like yesterday (i mean jeez, where has this year gone?) T and I and the 2 smaller Kids decided that we were going to go out for lunch when they were both home. We had been at my mums (about a half hour drive from us) and agree’d on the “table Table” restaurant near my mums house (walking distance).

Off we set with the 2 children in tow, walking proudly along as a beautiful family unit, cars ambled passed us and we arrived to an almost empty restaurant!

PERFECT! or so i thought.  

The kids walked ahead in anticipation of the yummy food they were about to devour, obviously followed by unlimited ice-cream or a sundae bigger than their head. T and I walked behind, holding hands and chatting about how lovely it was to be able to do that now, for a few years ago we would’ve been jeered at or abused in the street. something that both of us had experienced in the course of our relationship. 

We push through the double doors and make our way to the sign that says “please wait to be seated”. We wait, commenting on the emptiness again, I make a joke about the staff being rushed off of their feet. T Laughs and moves in a bit closer towards me, squeezing my hand affectionately. 

The hostess comes to greet us, in our bemused happy content state, takes one look at us as a family and says; “we are really very busy at the moment, there is an awful long wait for a table, about an hour”, I scoff and ask wether she was taking the piss because quite frankly if there was more than 5 people actually paying customers in there i would’ve eaten my hat, when she informed me that she didn’t joke about such things. 

Now, at this point I was more put out than shat on. I said to T about trying one a bit further away, and went off to get the car. We got the the other restaurant (Beefeater Grill) and ate as i stewed about the underlying reason we had just been refused service in a chain restaurant. 

I showered social media to find something or someway of contacting their head office about what had just happened. Eventually after a lot of digging i found their email address and reeled them off an angry email. TO THIS DAY i have never received a reply. 

NOW my question is do you feel that this is indirect homophobia?

 is it  acceptable?

 How is this different then being verbally attacked on the street? 

What impact do you think this will have on my children?

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