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So this months game from the board game club was……DOBBLE

A multi player card game with a twist. It is actually 5 games in one, So, as soon as the box was open the kids took it!

We were actually getting ready to go out so it was very handy as I could pack in peace!

We got to the restaurant and the kids were getting bored from the wait. I reminded them that we had packed it! Brilliant!

It kept them quiet for AGES. no arguments, nothing. They could combine any of the 5 games and play equally and happy.

Portability: 8/10 

Good size for a bag. Metal tin so protective. Cards don’t fill tin, so could be smaller.

Engagement: 9/10 

Even our son with ASD managed to maintain concentration and game play. It was great while we were out.

Overall: 9/10

Not going to give it 10 purely because I think some of the game is a bit over complicated. But it’s very good and kept the kids amused for ages. I’m not a fan of card games because usually they have ones that go missing etc but this won me over a bit.


Needless to say, we are looking forward to next month’s instalment from:

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