Does it ever stop!

So I haven’t posted for a few weeks, there are a few reasons.

Back in May I tracked down the gf’s younger half brother and sister. Turns our she’s 21 and the brother is 18 near Xmas. Anyway, the brother messages out of the blue a couple of Mondays ago asking if T was related to them as they had the same surname. Turns out the sister had just been given a week to live because she had end stage terminal cancer.
A week later she died. We live at the complete polar end of the country and T wasn’t sure if it was appropriate to go or now. Turns out the brother loves locally, so when he is back they’re going to meet up. We will see how that goes.

As well as that our car has gone bang and cost me £1500 to repair.

and the icing on the cake is that we have got to move as our landlord is selling our home.

All of the above means that unless we can get some kind generous people to fund our wedding we will have to cancel and lose all the money we have already put in. Of you would like to help please go to

Kids are doing ok, a few wobbles here and there. Kid 1’s dad has just made a reappearance onto the scene so I will blog about that later!

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