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Although this year will be our 8 year anniversary, I feel like Trish still has the option to leave tomorrow if she wanted. This sometimes makes me feel uneasy and I get super (annoyingly) clingy and over protective. I know we are good and it wouldn’t happen, but what if…….you know?

So anyway!

We are getting married.

I read somewhere that being married gave you a stronger sense of commitment, made you feel whole in your relationship. I feel pretty complete despite feeling a bit insecure!

In the past we had spoken about marriage and civil partnerships deciding that we wanted all or nothing when it came to rights. We decided to hang on for marriage equality and this year it’s on!

Venue is booked!
We decided that as we were only doing this once that we would have a big do, so we’ve set the date for 18months time.

Now all systems are go!

She’s tried dresses on and chosen bridesmaids. Colour scheme is picked and I’ve found a suit!
Because of what I do for work I am able to pretty much get discount on anything we need including services for the event. Because of this we are looking at a £20,000+ wedding for about £8000!

I am beyond excited and now it has started the excitement snowballing through my friends and family!

The kids are excited, especially the girls who have been with Mummy T to try some dresses on.

The boys aren’t so keen on wearing suits with tails so we’ve opted for normal suit jackets!

OMG this is really happening! I can’t wait!

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