Happy NewYear!

Good tidings virtual planet! 

So its a new year huh, where did the last one go? It seems to have gone so fast. 

Looking back at 2014

We loved, and lost. 

So many great people died last year, people we knew, people we admired and aspired to become. A friend of mine took his own life which is not a first but was truly unexpected. 

We lost our home. Not due to our finances, but the finances of our landlord. Who gave us 1 week to clear out our entire life and move into a new home.

You notice that i did not say house, but instead i said home. I say this because a house is just somewhere you sleep and exist. Our home was built through hard work. Our son was born there (well in the hospital but you get the point). Our children have grown there, the marks on the walls and floor are memories. made playing and having a good time. We made plans in that house, for us, and our family. Our future was mapped out and all of it planned around having our home. We love our new home, however, we are still sorting through our hastily packed boxes. We had to leave so much behind, it is so sad. Saddest of all we had to part with ALL of our fur babies, so the cats and dog had to go to new homes and the children were all heartbroken, almost as much as T. 

We also did a lot of cool stuff. 

We Laughed

Kid 1 and I went to Chessington world of adventures (theme park) for his birthday and rode the log flume all day. it was lovely. As i am not his biological parent, I’m just step mum, our relationship often gets overlooked. When his dad wants to know (which is in dribs and drabs when he can be bothered) I get sidelined and forgotten about, despite bringing him up from the age of 6 (he is 15 now). 

T and I are Getting married! I’m pretty sure i’ve touched on this already in a previous post. We have booked the venue, which means its actually happening. OMG! 

We holidayed. We borrowed a static caravan and drove an hour and a half away from home to stay in it. Despite it being so close to where we live the kids thought we were a million miles away at this fantastic place. It was lovely. they could play outside and we could see them. which also meant that we got some quality time to spend together. 

We are so blessed to have the family and friends that we have. We love them all dearly and are grateful for each and every one of them.

T and I are so lucky. We have each other, which is something i have come to realise a lot of people envy. We are connected on a level others see as fantasy, something unrealistic and mythical. I would go as far as to say our bond, our love, is stronger than ever coming into this new year facing the trials and tribulations we had in old one. We love so deeply that even a glance or a work can stir the deepest emotion in me and i often feel myself hiding that i am tearing up! (I’m meant to be the butch one, maybe its my old age!)

Anyway, We wish you a happy new year. 

Be kind, be accepting and be understanding. Most of all. Be you! 

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