I am beyond sad now…




I’m not the most patient person and now our ttc plans are put back 8 months. It just feels like forever away. I want to have a baby growing in my tummy so bad it hurts. I guess ill have to wait till September. 😢 wttc is hard.

Chin up chick, all good things come to those who wait.

We’ve decided to wait until we can do a fully biological baby before we try. We had decided no more babies but I think we would go for one more if we could have a 100% biological one.

Thanks. Yeah we talked last night about it and waiting is best for us and the kids. Lennon still quite needy of me and focusing on him is best. Get him off bottles, sleeping through the night, possibly potty trained by the time next baby is born. So all in all waiting is ideal. I just need to be patient. 😊

Once it’s done and you’re settled etc ttc may be easier too. The less stressed you are (even if you don’t feel stressed there’s always some levels there) the easier it will be for you all.
Finn (our smallest) is going through testing for autism at the moment so we wouldn’t have one until he is a bit older and we have the right help in place for him, in fact, both of our boys are on the spectrum and the large age gap between them works quite well (12 years). Until we have a concrete diagnosis and a strategy in place we may consider it sooner

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