It never goes to plan!

So this year we were all set for Christmas! T had brought all of the kids presents by the end of November and they were wrapped and ready to go! A few odds and Sod’s were brought on the lead up, and we were well prepared for it, I even mailed out cards which I never do! We were organised!

Then Christmas Eve Finn (kid 4) won’t sleep. Sleep is an issue for him. It is an ongoing daily battle to get him to bed. Before you jump to conclusions and say that we just haven’t set him a strict routine blah blah blah we have. It doesn’t work. He was diagnosed back in October with a sensory processing disorder which means he finds it hard to settle or deal with sensory changes like light to dark. He is also hitting markers on the autistic spectrum so is being tested for that too. So we are sleep deprived and feeling useless because we can’t get him to bed at a reasonable hour, he goes down at 7.30 and is still awake at midnight! he plays to unwind and eventually falls asleep with a mountain of toys on his bed. Which we cannot move because even if they’ve moved an inch when he wakes up we have a full day of meltdowns, screaming, crying and being aggressive.

So 2am we get to bed after he’s finally asleep and we’ve played Santa.

Dylan comes in at 5am to ask if she can open her presents. And is told that she can open her stocking but that’s it until we get up. As I come around I feel a bit weird, like very itchy dry throat etc. Trish says when I fell back asleep at 5 that I was snoring! So get up at 9 after being hot and cold at the same time. Having uncomfortable, snotty sleep and waking my self up every ten minutes unable to breathe. Kids loved their presents, they were proper chuffed with what they got which was good.
Then off to my mums house for dinner.
Usually Trish helps her prepare and cook dinner, it’s kinda become a thing over the last 10 years (crazy that we’ve been together so long). I sat for the most of it putting the kids toys together and playing with Finn.
Dinner is done and we are moving into our mains when my mum hands me a tray of Yorkshire puddings straight out of the oven and before I’ve got a chance to get hold of it she’s launched them onto the table, knocking my whole pint of kopperberg onto my plate and all over my lap! Why me! It’s always me! Dinner tasted interesting after that! I had to borrow a pair of shorts off of my dad which I have to admit were a bit tight!
My sister came just after that had happened and brought her two brats.
She had clearly spent less than £10 on each of my kids which I was kind of offended by, as we had done our usual £50 on each of her girls.
We got home at 10pm and Finn went off to bed as soon as we got in, however despite being. Exhausted he was still awake at 1am when I got to bed after clearing up the fall out from earlier present opening!

Yesterday (Boxing Day) I spent a majority of the day in bed. Mainly because the kids were making a how aweful racket downstairs, my head was pounding and this cold was consuming me slowly! I got up at 2pm after watching a movie called fury, which was cool. I tidied like crazy because my parents, aunt and uncle were coming over. Spent the whole day in my pyjamas and today I just want to stay in bed! I feel so rough! I’m tired and can’t wait for some help with Finns sleep pattern. They have prescribed him melatonin which should send him to sleep!

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