Just an update

I wanted to write an update, just an update, without making it long and boring.

I know I should probably write more on here but I honestly haven’t even had time to think.

I’m a house full of complex needs, ill health and external agencies to battle against it is so difficult to find the motivation to want to write anything.

So here it is, what I haven’t written about.

F has autism, we know this, if you read my blog or follow me on social media you also know this. He is still in mainstream school but they can no longer meet his needs. My 6 year old has such high anxiety he is vomiting when he goes into school. He has a stress induced temperature over 40! We are at the stage in the process of getting him an EHCP where the local authorities look at schools to determine wether a school will fit the needs of a child they have never met. We have found a school which we love and county have found a school which we hate. The school we like are willing to take him and have informed county of this. The school we don’t like are holding up the process. If we don’t get the school we have named then we have to appeal and take them to tribunal. This is a long, drawn out process which was meant to take 26 weeks start to finish. We are almost at a year and I can’t see how this is fair on F. He is fine at home. We understand his needs and make his life at home happy, interesting and most of all we meet his needs. No 6 year old should be forced back to school because School are worried they could lose their funding for him. They can not meet his current mental health needs. At home he is fine, and happy. At school he is scared and anxious. But we persevere. What else can we do? But reassure him that it’s fine and we will be there when he needs us. We will push and fight to get him into the school we feel best suits his needs, but that seems so far away when county are more worried about saving a couple of quid than the end game of our child’s welfare.

We’ve been on some nice days out! Recently F and I went to the Natural History Museum and took a wanted around HMS Belfast. We saw cannons fire and had a lovely walk around our nations capital.

D has turned 10! I can’t believe the baby I helped create is 10! Where has the time gone! She’s grown into such a great kid. Responsible beyond her years!

We are so grateful to live near the coast. And happy to be able to have a surprise trip to the beach after a hard day at school!

The older two are becoming more and more independent and grown up! J has a job alongside college. M has started her GCSE’s.

I just wanted you to know that life is good. Hectic, but good!

We love you guys. Love each other.

Take care of yourselves.

I will post more when life is a bit calmer!

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