Our Legoland Adventure

So before we go anywhere we usually do a lot of research, i.e. how long the queues are, or how expensive the food is. This time was no different.

We already had a preconception of how stressful the day would be, waiting for the rides, Finn having meltdowns because of EVERYTHING, nobody wanting to eat packed lunch because of the on park food outlets etc


I have to start by saying how amazed we were that the whole park was Autism friendly. The staff were superb, and very helpful.

When we arrived at the park we paid to upgrade to premium parking, i would recommend this for anyone who has small children as the main car park is a bit of a pain in the bum! It was so easy to park, pay and enter the park. We had printed off our tickets before we left so scanned them and walked through.

I had looked into disabled services for the park before we had traveled. Both boys qualified for their disabled pass so we went to get those before we made a start to the park.

We jumped on the hill train which had no queue, and headed down to the rides.

Firstly we went on the Vikings River Splash ride, Even the wife went on this one, she doesn’t go on anything ever so i was quite surprised. The kids liked this one, except finn, who didn’t like how much we span at the beginning!

Once we got off we decided to purchase the Digipass for photos. at £30 for unlimited photos, initially it seemed pricey until i realised that each photo print was £10. Overall we got about 21 photos so if you work that out, we got £210′s worth of photos for £30.  Bargain!!

We wandered around for a bit and then the kids wanted to go on Pirate falls. As you can tell by the photo, they really enjoyed it!

Honestly they did! So did the bigger ones!

After this we panned for gold, put our fires in lego city and learnt to drive!

The big ones wanted to go on the Dragon Rollercoaster. We headed over to the castle area and 5 of us jumped on the dragon ride. Once we’d been round once, the kids queued twice more while Trish, Finn and I ate the last of the packed lunch.

By the time they had finished it was just about time to head home. We headed up to the shop and let the kids get something each in the shop.

Overall it was an awesome day. The park was exceptionally Autism friendly which was a game changer for us! If only we could afford to go back!

Costings for the day:

  • Travel – We live roughly 110 Miles from LEGOLAND Windsor. And it took roughly half a tank of petrol there and back. The Journey time was 2hrs 30mins ish and parking cost £12.
  • Entry to park – We got into the park on the Sun offer, which we called in favours from family members to get 6 tickets as the sun limit them to 2 per account. o overall entry on this occasion cost just £4.50 which was the processing fee.
  • Food – We took food with us which was a good move. Everything on site is rather expensive. Around £8/9 for an adult meal. We stopped for donuts and ice-cream once which come to £26 for 6 of us.
  • Other Costs – Once in the park there are a lot of pay to play games. Obviously the kids wanted to go on everything. These range from £2-6 and are quite difficult to win anything. They did however win a couple of the smaller toys.

Overall spend for the day was about £200. which included fuel, breakfast, and dinner at services on the way there and back.

I would say 4.5/5 for the visit. couple of tiny things need improvement, other than that we would go back in a heartbeat.

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