MARCH GIVEAWAY – Bubble Bum Car Seat

“BubbleBum, best seller and parents favorite, winner of more than 20 design and innovation awards including Mumsnet, Mother & Baby and Practical Parenting. The portable, lightweight, inflatable car booster seat for children aged between 4-11 easily deflates and packs away, making it perfect for holidays, rental cars, taxis, coach journeys, school trips or car pooling.”

This month we have been asked to review the Bubble Bum Car Inflatable Seat.

First impressions of the seat were great. The packaging was lovely and the kids were excited to open it. As Dylan is too big for the seat which is advised for children aged 4-11 or those who weigh between 15-36kgs.  We gave Finn a choice of the 2 seats sent to us and he chose the black one.

It was relatively easy to inflate, and surprisingly only took about 6 breaths. Once inflated Finn decided to give it a test around the living room. He said he loved it and wanted to put it straight into the car.

We’ve used it for about a week and really love it. However, needed to keep topping the air up.

Overall great product for travel, grandparents cars etc. The kids wanted to used it regularly, however this faced issues like deflation, which would cause wear and tear. So wouldn’t recommend for long term use. Brilliant as a temporary seat for commuting in a taxi, using at the grand parents or taking on holiday.

I was a bit confused how to install the shoulder strap, but after watching a youtube video i managed to figure it out! (totally easy and common sense but to be safe/sure i wanted to check)

Another use we found for it was as a booster seat in the cinema. The ones the cinema are around the same size and made of solid plastic so not very comfortable. We used this as I had it in my bag, and if I’m honest I had totally forgotten about it.

Want to get your own Bubble Bum car seat? head over to our Facebook page and enter for a chance to win!

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