Goals – This years Memory Making ideas!

Things we are going to do this year to make memories! – Our Goals

Every year we pass up opportunities to do things, some new, some old, which we keep promising to do next year. So we have decided to set some goals.

As a child, on bonfire night we would go to Blackheath to watch the fireworks. Walk through Greenwich park and feed the squirrels. Every year Trish and I wing it. We don’t usually plan or set targets, and have become so complacent in our roles as parents. Its always “We should take the kids to see the fireworks on Blackheath” or “Lets go to harry potter world”. But we never do these things, never put the time aside to make those memories with the kids. I’m not saying we do nothing with them. 2016 held lots of fun trips, to the zoo, and to Legoland (twice), plus heaps of other trips.


So this year we have committed to doing things with the kids that we plan for.


So far on our list we have a trip to Harry Potter Studios, Mainly for the wife and the girls. They love harry potter and would be great for them to experience this. I find a lot of the attractions now are super expensive which puts me off. Not being tight but we aren’t flush for money so it limits what we can do.


We’ve asked the kids to make a list of the places they want to go or the things they would like to do;

Legoland – Again

Harry potter studios

Cinema – Beauty and the beast

Chessington – New gruffallo hotel/ride

Holiday on an airplane

Cinema more often

Holiday to Camper Sams (Camber sands)


Now let me just break that down for you.

The cost of these things for a family of 6 (paying adult for 1 child as hes 17) would be as follows;


Legoland – £319.80 Just for park entry based on standard online booking

Harry Potter Studios £196

Cinema £30 just entry

Chessington – £165.60

Camber Sands £780

Holiday overseas £1000+ Just to take 6 of us to Spain.

In addition none of these prices include travel to and from the venues, food, accommodation (obviously the holidays do). Also because the kids usually want souvenirs or some crap from the gift shops etc.


Last year we managed to do a lot of things for free (sun tickets, or free offers). So my mission is again to try and utilise my experience to try and get a lot of money off and some free tickets again.


Therefore, If anyone wants to help me on this journey, Or knows where I can get better prices for any of the above attractions please let me know! And because I’m nice i will post an entry about the free tickets and cheap days out a bit later on in the year.


But for now, Adios Amigos!

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