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I don’t often talk about our extended family. But i feel its important on this occasion.

My family have a long history of depression and depression based disorders. As a teen i suffered with Bi-polar disorder, i won’t go into details why but it was mainly based around coming out and my home life at the time, which greatly improved when i became independent. Im not saying that it went away, far from it, but i can manage it a lot better.

My sister on the other hand doesn’t cope with it at all. She has 2 little ones, ages 3 and 6. Her partner is super supportive. one in a million, stand up guy. The problem is her kids are passed around from pillar to post. My mum has them a lot, as does his mum. We take them out when we can, The smallest one and Finn are besties so its ok when they’re together. 

I can’t imagine being these little girls tho, seeing your mum all over the place and not knowing wether you’re sleeping at home or at one or the other nanny house or wherever. Their dad works so had to ensure that they’ve got everything they need financially, but i worry that emotionally they are missing out. They’re very needy and possessive of my parents, and even fight my children physically to get the attention of nanny and grandad. This upsets me because my parents panda to them and my children miss out and feel rejected.

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