The OTHER mother

I’m the OTHER mother.

Here in the UK it was Mother Day today.

The run up to today has consisted of finn bringing home some inedible peppermint sweets that he made at nursery. He made 2, one for each mummy.

Jordan was given money and sent into asda to get Trish a card, which he did.

The girls both made her a card at school.

Now here is my predicament, I got nothing because I am just the “other mother.

I’m quite upset about this, quite frankly I’m their mum too. I help them with their home work, I listen to them read and read to them, we do fun stuff and most of all, I provide for them! They get pretty much what they want, and never want for anything or go without. I didn’t carry them in my body but I did put the sperm in and I was there at their births!! (Well my 2 at least).

Is it selfish for me to think “what about me?”. Is being the other mother still not socially valid?


Forgot to mention

all 4 kids go to different schools, so we can’t say it’s the schools attitudes. Jordan is at high school, Maisy is at school near her dad, and the other two kids are at school and nursery locally.

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