Our EHCP journey so far

This is our journey to get Finn an EHCP. We feel that due to his complex needs he would be better suited to a specialist educational setting.

EHCP – Education and health care plan

In order to go to a specialist school, children have to be referred there as part of the EHCP process. Children with an EHCP don’t HAVE to go to a specialist setting however county can make a recommendation for provisions around their current school, or say that they recommend that they go to a specialist one.

We first applied for a plan when Finn was at nursery, but due to time constraints paperwork wasn’t sent to us until he started school.

We sent it back, and so did School. It was refused. You can read about that here.

We were advised to gather evidence and apply again. Finns behaviour spiralled as the year went on and it became obvious that School were struggling to keep him calm and focused. This resulted in him being suspended 3 times in a week. This was when we decided to apply again. I sent a written request in at the end of July 17. It should take roughly 20 weeks to assess and issue a plan however we had a bit of time added as it was during the school holidays.

This meant that the plan was due to be signed off at Christmas. It wasn’t.

He hadn’t even been assessed. 11th January we were met by the educational psychologist.

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