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So, haven’t written for a couple of days so here’s a breakdown

Trish, me and kids 3&4 went out for lunch. Kid 2 was at her dads and kid 1 was at home playing Xbox. It was quite nice to have time with the small ones.

We hang around until 4 then headed out to pick kid 2 up from her dads. She came back so disappointed (which is a usual occurrence), she hadn’t received one thing that she had written on her list to Santa. However, her dads girlfriends daughter who is a couple of years younger than her received everything she asked for. This winds me up, and has been happening for the duration of their relationship. Kid 2 pretends that she doesn’t care, she does. We give her most of what she asks for and essentials on top. It’s frustrating that they don’t seem to care if she is unhappy or sad. To quote him (the dad) “I’ve got you until you’re 16 and there’s nothing you can do about it.”
When T knocks on the door they ignore it and it takes 10 Mins to answer the door. It’s like tit for tat with them. They turned up 26 minutes early to collect her on Boxing Day and we told them to wait as she wasn’t ready, so they do this to get ‘even’.
I wish there was something I could do. She’s so sad all of the time. She hates going back there.

I’ve spent today in bed, except the hour I played taxi to T who needed running out to pick some bits up shed got off of Facebook.
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