Guys I wanna talk to you about this really cool family of toys I’ve found called polydron.

Back at toy fair I met the guy that makes them and we got chatting about how accessible they were for children with disabilities!

Some of their range have Braille on them so children who have sight impairment can distinguish between block shapes. They also have different textures which provide a range of sensory feedbacks! So well thought out!

We’ve been sent a set of the giant one to review but I think we will wait until the summer so we can take it outside!

We’ve been playing with the smaller sets, My first polydron and the magnetic set. Both are ideal for those who could use a bit of work on their fine and gross motor skills, the magnetic one is great for those with an Interest in science! Such a simple but well thought out product!

With the sets you are able to make structures which can move without you touching them (magnetic force! And build flat shapes which turn into 3d ones with very little persuasion.

Dude likes to build things from instructions, we didn’t have any so he copied the pictures from the box. This was quite easy.

Dyl decided she was claiming the magnetic set and proceeded to construct a ball, some cubes and a tower. Later she built a rocket.

Both sets have become a staple in our construction play, and actually over taken the kids Lego sets in becoming the more played with toy.

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