So, it’s been a year already!

In a weeks time Trish and I will have been married for a year. That is not long at all really, we’ve been together for 10.
What I find strange is that as soon as you’re married people think life becomes so different, but in reality, once the novelty wears off, it’s just the same as before, except now she legally owns half my shit!
Also people seem to forget how long you’ve been together. For us that’s 10 years wiped off the planet! People say “oh you’re so good together, how long have you been married” and when I say “oh we’re come up for a year at the end of August” they always seem shocked!

For me it’s crazy to see how much we’ve changed in the 10 years together.

How we’ve grown older and wiser. How we are dependant on each other.

I’ve also noticed that people see us as this sort of super couple, who defy the odds to be together. A lot of our lesbian friends are still in that shagging anything with boobs phase that I left when I was 18, a lot have relationships fail after 6 months because the basis of their relationship was a drunken fumble with a very attractive straight girl.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a lot of sex in my time. But I’ve always opted for the relationship over casual one nighters. My first girlfriend when I was 13/4, I stayed with for 18 months before my parents made the challenge a bit too easy for her, she moved off to college and I met someone else, 2 years with the next one before we moved out of London and discovered that long distance doesn’t work. Then there was a flurry of 3 month flings with one girl, then her ex (don’t judge I was 17!).
Then I met “the one”, see she was everything I wanted in a woman. We were the same age, liked the same music, went out all the time, she wasn’t ashamed of being my girlfriend, she was confident and powerful and we had a great 2 years together until she ran away with my best friend and never came back, they got married less than a year later and then divorced 9 months after that.
After the separation I made it my goal to move out of my incestuous circles to meet new people, because everyone in our group had slept with everyone and the drama was just too much!! So I worked my way through most girls at our regular haunts, and that’s where I met Trish. Things with us were just electric from the start. It was a very complicated situation that she was in but even at 19 I knew that the only place I’d want to be was by her side.

So here we are 10 years later. 1 year of marriage down and forever to go!

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