Star Wars Identities – A Review Far Far Away……..

So today we went to the Start Wars Identities exhibit at the o2 In Greenwich, London.

Now as some of you may know that’s my home turf, where I was born and grew up. So navigation to the venue was pretty straightforward. We intended to park in the station car park but it was full. Ended up in the venue car park, which was more expensive (£13) for the duration of our visit.

I have to add that we didn’t just do the star wars attraction. We utilised the free activities as well which are well worth it and highly recommended.

Arriving at the venue.

It was quite busy. We hadn’t booked and it wasn’t initially clear online that you could purchase tickets on the day (but we made a call before we left and they said we could). Because it was busy it was also quite difficult to locate the ticket office or entrance as it is not externally visible and not clearly sign posted. We wandered in and in the general direction we thought it might be and eventually found it. Tickets were purchased from the exit gift shop and we went straight in. The Exhibit itself wasn’t too busy which was nice.

As you go in and up 2 sets of escalators you have to “check in”. You are issued with a wristband and an audio guide. Then taken in to be briefed on the use of both. My headset didn’t work the whole way round which I was totally annoyed at, I asked for a new one and they refused it, took the battery out and put a new one in, it worked for less than a minute and then cut out again. So on that front I got none of the audio input from the entire tour. Everyone else worked fine though, so that was a bonus.

Heading into the exhibit I wasn’t expecting anything mind blowing.

The first stage after briefing is a short film outlining the exhibition. It tells you about how the character identities are formed and held. How characters from the same background can have very different identities. You move through the exhibit, which is a bit like a maze. All of the exhibits laid out for you to follow like a sort of map. I would say that the audio part probably would’ve made the experience better for me but some of the audio sections were too long for the children and they got bored and moved on.

On the way around you were asked to touch your wristband on 10 separate interactive spots and choose your influencers. This would fill if the gaps in on your own star wars identity. At the start you are asked to choose a species, and then as you go the questions are pertinent to the character species which you’ve chosen.

In the exhibit.

There are cool models, Actual film sketches, models and a ton of other cool stuff throughout the exhibit.


Overall I enjoyed the exhibit, how could I not! After all I am a huge geek! Star Wars is one of my top geeky pleasures, as is it the kids, (oops) much to the wife’s disapproval.

vader identites

After the last station you are presented, like all of the heroes before you, with the choice between being a hero and joining the dark side. Once you’ve completed this you can then discover your personal character. Below is my character. You can see my full Star Wars Identity here.

My star wars identities


I would say it was well worth us going, however that the tickets were too expensive for what the attraction was. And the gift shop was EXTORTIONATE. Dylan wanted a water bottle, which ordinarily would’ve been £5-10 max, here it was £14. Even the usual “pocket money” type gifts were 2/3x the expected price. It made for disappointment with the other children in the party as they didn’t have the cash after the ticket costs wiped them out.  (Dylan spent her Christmas money and offered to buy them something but the parents turned her down).

I did really enjoy myself. It was great fun. I would say that its best to go off peak when it is quiet, there are less chances of getting a bum headset! The tickets are also cheaper. Recommended for any star wars fan. But not for those on a budget!

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