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So we’ve been asked to write a review of Swimseal ear drops.


What is Swimseal?

SwimSeal ear drops are a unique preventive solution that has been developed by Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialists to create a waterproof coating in the ear canal. These drops help to prevent painful ears that are common as a result of trapped water. With the increasing number of patients presenting with water-related ear problems and the ever-rising costs of treatment, the need to prevent these conditions is of key importance.

  • Contains a unique formulation, including tea tree oil, that coats the external ear canal
  • Natural antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal (topical treatment only)
  • Prevents trapped water and other water related ear infections
  • Contains NO alcohol
  • Suitable for all ages

SwimSeal ear drops are applied before going into the water and act similarly to natural ear wax creating a waterproof coating in the external ear canal. It contains no alcohol and is a naturally unique formula that includes tea tree oil.

How does it work?

Our ears secrete a natural, protective layer of earwax that lines the ear canal. Contact and exposure to water, as well as excessive use of ear buds, causes this layer to become worn and depleted. Without this layer of wax, water can easily become trapped in the ear, leading to irritation and pain.

This can lead to common ear infections, such as swimmer’s ear.

SwimSeal ear drops were developed in order to take on some of the properties of natural earwax by coating the external ear canal. After about two to three hours the SwimSeal coating will wear off and migrate naturally from the ear without build up.

What I found:

So after a nasty bout of perforated ear drum I decided to test these out while on holiday.

Ear had healed and I thought it was a perfect opportunity to test them out. So before we went swimming I applied them, very easy to do so older children could do them without adult help (obviously supervised).

We had a lovely time in the pool until a child accidentally caught my face with their foot! And BAM! eardrum go boom! 5 minutes of intense pain in my left ear ensued. it eased off and the kids refused to get out of the pool. So we finished our swim and went back to the caravan.

Usually after swimming it takes forever for my ears to drain/dry. this day was different. When I got out of the pool the water seemed to drain away quicker and it didn’t feel dry or itchy. There wasn’t a residue left in my ear or down my face and my hearing returned to normal quicker.


Its a good product and does what it says on its packaging. However, I don’t feel like it is an essential to pack in our swim bag. It may be good for someone who suffers from water related ear infections as a barrier or preventative. It did stop the post swim itch but I don’t feel like we really benefitted from it.

If you are using a communal pool on a holiday site it would be a good barrier to deter germs. We will probably use it during the summer holidays.

I feel the packaging represented the product well and the leaflet that accompanied it was well written and contained a good amount of information.

I would say it was a good product. And very handy if you or your children swim frequently or suffer from water related ear infections etc.

It is reasonably priced. The product is a good size and would fit in any swim bag. Its easy to use and convenient.

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