The day after tomorrow….

My day is not as exciting as the title sounds. I’ve decided for the purpose of this blog to refer to my kids by their names as otherwise its quite confusing.

So intro to the kids:

Jordan: he is 13, into usual boy stuff. Football, girls, Xbox. Jordan is in the air cadets and does ok at school. He lives with us permanently, doesn’t want to see his dad, we don’t push. And he has autism.

Maisy: She turns 9 in a couple of weeks. Trish had her with a man when she was married to him. Girly girl, into all things pink or lilac. Loves h2o (the tv show) and dancing. Again does ok at school, a bit behind. Loves 50/50 with us and her dad.

Dylan: she’s 5 and shares clothes with kid 2 due to her size. She towers over class mates and is often mistaken for a lot older than she is. Very bright and fantastic at school. Me and Trish had her through a donor, Trish carred her but everyone says she looks like me! Strange but she really is a mini-me.

Finn: he is 18 months old and a proper little dude. Loves dinosaurs and cars. Always running, never calm, always covered in cuts and bruises and mud and I suspect him to hide worms in his nappy like tommy from rugrats! Again, we had him through a donor, Trish carried him.

Sooooooo…….my day today was

Work. Trish came in about 2 and stayed until 5 when we closed. She brought kids and Jordan walked up and then went home to do his chores. Dyl stayed at nanny and grandads house last night so we had to pick her up. Dropped Trish off at my aunts with my mum and took kids to the beach and arcade. Finn decided to throw himself into the sea, fully clothed. But super mum was well prepared! We had only gone for a paddle!

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