We’ve been away!

So the summer holidays are in full swing!!
I’ve broken my thumb! Kid 1 has a broken arm! So, so far so good!

Last week we took a week out to go to camber sands.

The kids loved the freedom of being able to just go and play outside, with no adults to supervise them.
It was a small piece of heaven, just the 2 of us in the caravan while the kids had the times of the lives playing outside!

Sometimes you neglect your relationship when there are only so any hours in the day, and it was do nice to reconnect with the lady wife.

We saw the show, which I have to say, was rather awesome! T and kid4 went home early and missed it, as his nappy leaked and went all down the front of her lol!! Kid 1 went back because he was bored!

The girls left with fresh dreams and aspirations! And I think it is safe to say we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!!

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